Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), Student Equity (SE), Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Integrated Planning

The integrated SSSP/Student Equity/BSI program model promotes integrated planning and program coordination at the district and college level. The three programs retain separate requirements as specified in Education Code and title 5 regulations; these requirements are built into the Integrated Plan to ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations. Oxnard College’s integrated plan was developed in consultation with students, staff, administrators, faculty, Academic Senate, Classified Senate and with committees through our shared governance process.

Included in the Integrated Plan are the following:

  • Goal for the general population and for identified student groups, disaggregated by gender as applicable, as well as activities designed to address disproportionate impact for all three
  • Analysis of data for the following student groups: English as a Second Language learners, Hispanic or Latino students, African American students, current or former foster youth, Filipino students, White student, and Asian
  • Success rates for students with basic skills needs using data that show the number of students successfully transitioning to college-level mathematics and English courses, and the time it takesstudents to successfully transition to college-level mathematics and English
  • Data that shows the number of services provided to students in the Student Success and Support Program (Abbreviated Educational Plans, Orientation, Assessment, Counseling, other follow up services, Compressive Educational Plans and at risk follow
  • Information on what has attributed to the overall success of the
  • Goals that intersect and integrate all three
  • How the accelerated basic skills English course has resulted in a significant gain in student
  • The integration of matriculation, instruction, and student support to accomplish goals and coordination across student equity-related categorical programs and campus-based
  • Professional development plans to achieve student success
  • Evaluation process to ensure students success goal are being
  • How Oxnard College will coordinate the SSSP, SE and BSI will Ventura and Moorpark Colleges to achieve our student success
  • A budget plan specifying how Oxnard College will utilize BSI, SE, and SSSP funds to help achieve student success
  • A reference to the Student Equity Executive Summary on Oxnard College’s website
  • Information on the support Oxnard College may need from the State Chancellor’s Office

Oxnard College Integrated Plan (submitted January 2018) - Plan is subject to change by the college with local and state approval if needed.