Oxnard College is a learning-centered institution that embraces academic excellence by providing multiple pathways to student success.

Student Equity and Success Committee


The Committee is recommended by staff and approved by the President.  The Committee is appointed by and is a participatory governance committee to the President and the Academic Senate of Oxnard College.


The purpose of the Student Equity and Success Committee is to develop, implement and assess a model that examines data for the evaluation of student success and advise appropriate shared governance bodies related to the charge of the committee and its findings.  The data elements will provide a foundation for examining effectiveness and will serve to frame recommendations. The focus of the committee will be to establish baselines, measures of effectiveness, on-going analysis and recommendations for improving student success for students at Oxnard College.  This committee directly supports Item No(s) 4 and 5 under 10+1.

Additionally, with the recent revisions to the Oxnard College Student Equity Plan, the Student Equity and Success Committee is tasked with serving as the college’s Student Equity Planning committee. As such, the Student Success Committee will be responsible for ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of the plan.


The Student Equity and Success Committee will consist of the following: President (co-chair), Academic Senate President designee (co-chair), representatives from each department, Vice President of Student Services, representatives from Categorical Programs and General Counseling areas, a representative from the Academic Support area, a representative from Instructional Technology, Classified Senate President or designee, Associated Student Government representative, a representative from Matriculation, a representative from Instructional Support Services and Grant Directors (ex-officio). The Student Equity and Success Committee is open to all constituents and/or divisions/departments of the College.


  • To provide collaborative venue for shared leadership determining the student access and success needs of the College to promote overall student learning and success
  • Provide opportunities for constituents across the College from instructional, student services, and academic support areas to engage in ongoing dialogue on student success issues
  • Promote a better understanding of the use of data and research in assessing student success and developing/refining College programs and activities to better support student success
  • Provide advocacy for ongoing access to data and the use of data
  • Review and evaluate the Student Equity Plan, its activities and implementation on an on-going basis