Student Equity & Success Committee Membership



All designated members are selected or appointed on an annual basis prior to the conclusion of the spring semester for the subsequent year.


• Vice President of Student Development or President’s designee- Leah Alarcon
• Academic Senate President or designee- Dolores Ortiz
• Classified Senate President or designee- Ariane Perez

• Two Academic Senate instructional representatives - Erin Lawley and Kari Tudman
• Two Academic Senate non-instructional representatives - Adriana Parsons and Leo Orange
• One faculty member to represent Math - Hussein Fahs
• One faculty member to represent English - Jose Maldonado
• Two Classified Senate representatives - Esmeralda Martinez-Rosales and Daisy Carranza
• Two Associated Student Government representatives - Bryan Lopez-Santos and Lux Orozco
• Dean of Student Success - Eliseo Gonzalez
• Student Activities Specialist- Amparo Medina

• Admissions and Records representative- Joel Diaz
• Financial Aid representative- Linda Faasua
• Grant Directors- Eliseo Gonzalez, Katherine Pena, Marcella Klein-Williams, Gaby Rodriguez, and Amanda Burwick
• Institutional Effectiveness Research Analyst- Sofia Diamantopoulou
• Institutional Effectiveness Technical Data Specialist- Rocio Cervantes