We have good news for you!

    Standardized assessment tests are no longer needed for placement into transfer-level English and Math classes at Oxnard College.

    With the passage of Assembly Bill 705, other measures such as  GPA, grades, coursework and self-reported data are used for course placement in English and Math at Oxnard College.

    For a majority of students, multiple measures placement in English and/or Math is received automatically upon completion of the online admission application (CCCApply).

    Contact the Counseling Department to schedule an appointment if you:

    • completed your education outside the USA
    • possess a GED
    • have AP, SAT or ERWC or other scores from high school.
    • are a transfer student
    • need clearance for courses other than English/Math

    Contact the 1st-STEP Center if you:

    • completed your high school education in the USA, or
    • have been out of school for a few years

    Click the link below for information on English/Math course recommendations.

    Multiple Measures Assessment (English/Math)

    Counseling Department
    Website: https://www.oxnardcollege.edu/departments/student-services/counseling
    Phone: (805) 678-5816
    Email: OCCounseling@vcccd.edu

    1st-STEP Center
    Website: https://www.oxnardcollege.edu/departments/student-services/1st-step-center
    Phone: (805) 678-5864
    Email: OC1stSTEPCenter@vcccd.edu
    Zoom Assistance: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/91263428066

    About my Placement Recommendations

    Students have the right to take transfer-level Math and English coursework as well as earn academic credit for English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework.  Placement test are no longer required.  For guidance on using information such as previous coursework, grades and grade point average to select your Math, English and ESL courses, please contact the 1st STEP Center or speak with a counselor.

    What is my Placement Recommendation? I am a...

    Assessment/Placement Recommendations FAQs