ESL Guided Self-Placement Questionnaire:

This can help a student identify which ESL course(s) to start with.

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Recommended Course Sequence to Complete English Requirements for Associates Degree


We offer day and evening sections of ESL classes from beginning to advanced levels. | Ofrecemos varios niveles de clases por la mañana y por la tarde.

Our comprehensive English-language-acquisition program provides courses with emphases in three sets of skills:

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading, study skills, and vocabulary
  • Grammar and writing

Multiple levels lead to transition to the developmental English curriculum. We also offer transferable courses in writing and in speaking for fluent non-native speakers of English. 

Resources | Recursos (805) 678-5819

Full-time Faculty

  • Mati Sánchez
  • Kari Tudman White

Part-time Faculty

  • Cynthia Garcia-Doane
  • Jaime Haile
  • Patricia Viveiros
  • Maria Villalpando