Borrowing Library Textbooks (BLT) Program

The Oxnard College Library maintains a collection of books available for semester loan. At this point, the BLT collection is limited to Transitional English courses. This includes English courses below the 101 level and English as a Second Language courses. For questions regarding BLT call the Circulation Desk at (805) 678-5819. Here is a list of textbooks for the BLT collection as of August 2019. Please note that not all subjects may be represented:

Subject Course Textbook Available
ADS R102, R105A
English R075, R077, R085, R087, R095, R097, R101
ESL R046, R065, R075, R075, R077, R085, R087, R095, R801A, R801B
Spanish R101, R102

Library Course Reserves

Oxnard College LLRC maintains a collection of reserve textbooks and other items placed by instructors for student use.  Most items are checked out for two hours and must remain in the LLRC.  Some items can be checked out overnight. Please come to the Circulation/Course Reserves Desk for more information.  You may also call (805) 678-5819  to inquire about titles for specific instructors and/or courses. Here is a list of reserve texts as of August 2019. For more additional information about our reserve textbooks click the link.

Please note that not all subjects and/or courses are represented:

Subject Course Reserves Available
Accounting R101, R102
Anatomy R101
Anthropology R101, R102, R103, R105, R111
Art R101, R102
American Sign Language R101, R102
Astronomy R101
Automotive Technology R010
Biology R101, R101L, R120, R120L, R122, R122L, R155
Business R111, R122, R124, R132A
Computer App & Office Tech R009, R124
Chemistry R110, R112, R120, R122, R130, R132
Chicano/a Studies R101, R107
Comp Info Systems R020
Culinary Arts & Rest Mgt R100, R102A, R103A, R104
Economics R100, R101, R102
Early Childhood Education R100, R102, R103, R106, R107, R108, R111, R113, R129, R131, R132
English R095, R096, R100, R101, R102, R103, R104, R105
Geography R101, R102, R103, R104, R105
Geology R101, R103
Health R101, R102, R103, R104, R110, R117
History R100A, R100B, R102, R103, R104, R110, R117
Learning Skills R006, R016A
Mathematics Ro11, R014, R032, R033, R102, R105, R106, R115, R116, R120, R121, R122, R134, R143, R148
Microbiology R100, R100L
Marine Studies R100, R103
Music R100, R103, R116, R118
Personal Growth R101
Philosophy R101, R102, R105, R107, R110
Physics R101, R121, R131, R132, R133
Physiology R100, R100L, R101, R101L
Political Science R100, R101
Psychology R101, R102, R103, R104, R105, R106, R110, R111, R116, R118, R122, R125
Sociology R101, R102, R103, R104, R105, R106, R110, R111, R118, R122, R125
Spanish R101, R102, R103, R117, R140