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The English program offers a wide variety of courses in reading, writing and literature, leading to the degree of Associate in Arts for Transfer. Students can take the full range of literature survey courses required to transfer as an English major. There is also a variety of elective courses offered for in creative writing, literature, and cinema.The English program also offers multiple sections of transfer-level and developmental writing courses to give you the writing skills to succeed in college, to write in the workplace, and to meet university transfer requirements. Students who have completed this program have transferred to UCLA, UCSB, CSUN and California State University, Channel Islands. Career opportunities for students who have transferred and earned a bachelor's degree in English include: reporter, copywriter, copy editor, technical writer, screenwriter, novelist and playwright.

For more information, contact:  

Elissa Caruth
Letters Department Chair

Full-time Faculty

Teresa Bonham
Professor of English
Sain Mary's College of California, BA & MFA in Creative Writing
CSU Humboldt, MA
South Faculty Wing Office "V"

photo of Elissa CaruthElissa Caruth
Department Chair, Letters
CSU Northridge, BA, MA
University of Birmingham, MA
North Faculty Wing Office "K"

photo of José A. MaldonadoJosé A. Maldonado
Professor of English
CSU Long Beach, MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction)
Letters & Science Bldg. Office "F"

photo of Gaylene McPhersonGaylene McPherson
Professor of English
Kansas State University, BS in Journalism
Sacramento State University,  MA in English
North Faculty Wing Office "M"

photo of Claudia Moreno ParsonsClaudia Moreno Parsons
Professor of English
North Faculty Wing Office "G"
The Graduate Center, CUNY, PhD in English

photo of Jeannette ReddingJeannette Redding
Professor of English
UCLA, BA in Theatre Arts & MA in English Literature
UCLA Extension, TESOL Certificate
North Faculty Wing Office "J"

photo of Anthony RodriguezAnthony Rodriguez
Professor of English
Pepperdine University, BA & MA in English
North Faculty Wing Office "F"

Renee S. Willers
Professor of English
Letters & Science Bldg. Office "H"
Pepperdine University, BA in Creative Writing
Claremont Graduate School, MA & PhD in English

Karen Sutton
Professor of English
Letters & Science Bldg. Office "O"


Part-time Faculty
Dylan Altman
English Instructor

Bola King-Rushing
Instructor of English

Ayna Askanas
English Instructor
photo of Cristy López-BowlinCristy López-Bowlin
English Instructor
University of Kentucky, MA in English
California Polytechnic State University, BA in English

photo of Eric Boys

Eric Boys
English Instructor

Margaret M
English Instructor

Katrerine Carlman
English Instructor

Adam MacDougall
English Instructor

Lisette Davies Ward
English Instructor

Amelia Nortron
English Instructor


Deborah DeVries
Instructor of English

photo of Peggy SmithPeggy Smith
English and ESL Instructor
U of Washington, BA in Russian
Brigham Young U, MA in Linguistics