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The English program offers a wide variety of courses in reading, writing and literature, leading to the degree of Associate in Arts for Transfer. Students can take the full range of literature survey courses required to transfer, as well as a variety of electives, including Creative Writing. The English program also offers multiple sections of transfer-level and support writing courses to give you the writing skills to succeed in college, to write in the workplace, and to meet university transfer requirements. Students who have completed this program have transferred to UCLA, UCSB, CSUN and California State University, Channel Islands, among many others.

 A degree in English prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in which the ability to read insightfully, think critically, and write clearly are necessary skills. Take a look at some of the career opportunities!

English Major Career Opportunities
English Major Career Opportunities

For more information, please contact the Department Chair - Dra. Claudia Moreno Parsons |


  • ENGL 101: College Composition is the first transfer-credit course in our composition sequence, and all students may enroll directly into this course.
  • Along with ENGL 101, you have options for support courses: ENGL 101S: College Composition Corequisite Support, and ENGL 101E: College Composition Corequisite Support: ESL Emphasis. These courses are taken at the same time as ENGL 101, and are designed to support your writing, reading, and research skills. To determine which classes are the right ones for you, you can speak with a counselor or the department chair, Dra. Claudia Moreno Parsons, for help in choosing the appropriate English classes.
  • In our courses you'll learn how to research, write about texts, and cite your sources.
  • Thinking about becoming an English Major? We'd love to have you join us! As you begin your educational career, we suggest you come speak with us about your class choices and opportunities. You can find the full list of English faculty on this page, and you're always welcome to make an appointment with the Chair, Dra. Claudia Moreno Parsons (


Department Chair: Dr. Claudia Moreno Parsons