What is Oxnard College's accreditation?

Oxnard College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Commission on Post-Secondary Accrediting and the U.S. Department of Education.

Where does Oxnard College stand on equal opportunity?

Oxnard College strives to provide open-access to educational opportunities so that every adult, regardless of age, sex, race, disability, or ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural or educational background shall have the opportunity for appropriate education to fulfill his or her potential.

What are our enrollment fees?

Enrollment fee for all students - $46.00 per unit, $23.00 per ½-unit, $11.50 per ¼-unit. The Ventura County Community College District Governing Board has adopted the state-mandated nonresident tuition fee of $230 per unit for students who are non-California residents including international students.

Please see the Admission & Records page for the current fee schedule

What is the ethnicity breakdown of our students?

3.8% African American/Black, 8.3% Asian/Filipino/Pacific Islander, 63.3% Hispanic, 0.7% Native American, 19.0% White, 5.0% Unknown (Fall 2010)

What is the gender breakdown of our students?

55.5% female, 43.9% male (Fall 2010)

What is the student enrollment breakdown by selected cities?

67.2%  Oxnard
  8.1%  Port Hueneme 
  7.9%  Camarillo 
  4.5%  Ventura
  1.6%  Simi Valley
  1.5%  Thousand Oaks
  1.4%  Santa Paula
  1.1%  Newbury Park
  1.0%  Moorpark
  0.7%  Fillmore
  0.5%  Ojai
  0.3%  Santa Barbara
  0.3%  Agura Hills 
  0.3%  Somis
  0.2%  Malibu
  0.2%  Westlake Village
  0.2%  Oak View
  0.1%  Oak Park                                                                                                                                              00.1%  Carpenteria  (Fall 2009)

What type of degrees and certificates are awarded by Oxnard College?

Associate of Arts, Associate of Science (awarded to students who have successfully completed a minimum of 60 semester units in general education courses with at least 18 units in one curriculum area), Certificate of Achievement (awarded to students who have successfully completed a minimum of 18 units in an occupational curriculum), Certificates of Completion (instructional divisions may award Certificates of Completion to students who have satisfactorily completed a course or a sequence of courses designed to lead them to specific types of employment or to an upgrading of skills).

What are Oxnard College's staffing statistics?

Oxnard College employs 96 full-time faculty, 181 part-time faculty, 17 academic and classified managers and supervisors and 121 full- and part-time classified staff (Fall 2009).