Our mission, while unique to Oxnard College, also enables us to accomplish the State-mandated mission for all California community colleges, which requires us to offer a variety of programs and services in the following areas:

Transfer Education

Standard collegiate courses at the lower division level for those students who plan to earn an associate degree and/or transfer to four-year colleges and universities

Vocational Education

Specialized vocational and technical education and training in selected occupational fields leading to job entry, advancement, retraining, certification, and associate degrees

General Education

Courses designed to contribute to associate degree programs; broaden knowledge and perspectives; develop critical thinking and communication skills; enhance cultural literacy; encourage a positive attitude toward learning; and equip students to participate in a complex, interdependent world.

Basic Skills Education

Courses in mathematics, reading, writing, and speaking for under prepared students, as well as other programs designed to enable those with special learning needs to reach their educational goals

Support Services

Comprehensive services that help students achieve their educational goals through assessment of skills and abilities, counseling and advisement, tutoring, financial aid, job placement, health services, student activities, student government, child care and personal development programs

Community Education

Conveniently scheduled, state-supported noncredit classes and fee-supported educational, cultural, recreational, and occupational programs that enrich the lives of area residents and provide opportunities for lifelong learning

Economic Development

Programs and services, including contract training, designed to meet the specific needs of business and industry in developing a trained workforce that can enhance the economic vitality of the community