Participatory Governance Committees

Typical days/meeting times shown below.  Here is the overall Participatory Governance meeting calendar.  Please check the calendars at the committee links below for additional information.

Associated Student Government (ASG)

Every Friday at 9:00 am, Pres. Conf. Room

Campus Use, Development, and Safety Committee (CUDS)

Second Tuesday at 2:00 pm, Pres. Conf. Room

Classified Senate

Last Thursday at Noon, OE-10/11

Curriculum Committee

2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, Student Svcs. Conf. Room

Department Chairs

1st Tuesday at 2:00 pm, TBD

Distance Education Committee (DE)

First Thursday at 2:00 pm, LS Conf. Room

Library Learning Resources Committee (LLR)

First Thursday at 3:30 pm, LLR-128

Planning and Budgeting Council (PBC)

Third Wednesday at 2:00 pm, CH-307

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Third Monday at 2:00 pm, Student Svcs. Conf. Room

Program Effectiveness and Planning Committee (PEPC)

Fourth Tuesday at 2:00 pm, CH-312

Student Success Committee (SSC)

First Wednesday at 2:30 pm, CH-307

Technology Task Force

Third Tuesday at 2:00 pm, Business Services Conf. Room