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Honors Courses Available at Oxnard College Each Year

* Note: Some courses are offered alternating semesters

  • ACCT R101H - Honors: Financial Accounting
  • ANTH R101H - Honors: Introduction to Biological Anthropology 
  • ANTH R102H - Honors: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 
  • ANTH R111H - Honors: Magic, Witchcraft & Religion: Anthropology of Belief 
  • BIOL R101H - Honors: General Biology
  • ECON R201H - Honors: Introduction to the Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENGL R101H - Honors: College Composition
  • ENGL R102H - Honors: Critical Thinking through Composition and Literature
  • HIST R125H - Honors: U.S. Foreign Policy & Covert Action
  • HIST R130H - Honors: History of the United States I
  • HIST R140H - Honors: History of the United States II
  • HIST R150H - Honors: World History I
  • HIST R160H - Honors: World History II
  • MATH R105H - Honors: Introductory Statistics
  • PHIL R101H - Honors: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL R102H - Honors: Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL R115H - Honors: Comparative World Religions
  • POLS R125H - Honors: U.S. Foreign Policy & Covert Action
  • PSY R101H - Honors: General Psychology
  • SOC R101H - Honors: Introduction to Sociology
  • Span R220H - Honors: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
  • Span R232H - Honors: Latin American Literature

How to Find Honors Courses When Registering for Classes

When it's time to register for classes, you can locate Honors courses by following the directions below. Remember, you don't have to be in the Honors Program to take an Honors course! Once you enroll for an Honors course, if you find that you no longer wish to take the course for Honors credit, you can withdrawal from the Honors section (by the withdraw deadline) and remain in the same course, taking it instead for traditional credit.

  1. Begin here to search for classes
  2. Check that the correct term is highlighted (e.g. Fall 2024). If not, click on the correct term, then click on "Select"
  3. Type in "honors" in the box next to "Title"
  4. Select "Oxnard College" under "Location"
  5. Be sure that under "Subject" that "<all>" is highlighted. If not, please click on “<all>”
  6. Click on "Search." You should now be able to view the Honors courses offered for that specific term. Note they have an "H" following the course number. For example, Sociology R101H.