TRANSCRIPT REQUIRED: High School applicants and those transferring to Oxnard from another college are required to submit a sealed official copy of their high school transcript or college transcript to Admissions and Records. If you have attended another college outside of VCCCD you MUST send your transcripts to Admissions and Records in order to have your application reviewed.  If you are a current Oxnard College student with at least 12 transferable units completed at Oxnard, please indicate that below when asked. Failure to do so will delay admission consideration.

Completed applications will be emailed to both the Honors Program Coordinator and Counselor. Your application will not be processed until Admissions and Records has your transcripts on file. It may take up to 2 weeks after receiving your transcripts for you to receive confirmation from the Honors Program Coordinator as to your status in the Honors Program.

Any applications submitted after May 15th will not be reviewed until the second week of August. You can register in an Honors class even if not yet in the Honors program. Any Honors courses taken in summer or fall semester WILL count towards the required 15 units, even if not yet accepted in to the program.

Items with asterisks are required entries.

I am a current Oxnard College student with at least 12 units completed, and all of my college coursework has been completed at Moorpark College, Ventura College, or Oxnard College
I have attended colleges outside of VCCCD
Where do you plan to transfer to?
Are you the first person in your family to attend college?
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