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Whether it’s Rock or Classical, the guitar or the piano, this is the place students can become better players, listeners, and composers-

Welcome to the Music Department at Oxnard College!


Are you thinking about courses that will help you transfer?

Music Appreciation and Music Fundamentals are both part of the CSU and IGETC General Education Transfer requirements in Arts and Humanities.
piano keys
  • MUSIC APPRECIATION (Mus R103A)— Gain a greater understanding of the great works through the ages, learn the social contexts that brought about these beautiful musical traditions, fine tune your ears for classical music, and find out why Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach are still familiar names hundreds of years after their lifetimes. 

  • MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS (MUS 101)—You will learn to read and write music notation and develop the skills to compose your own original musical pieces. This is a great course for music majors thinking about entering into Music Theory courses, as well as for non-majors who are simply curious about how the written language of music works. 

  • HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC (Mus 116)—You’ll hear more styles of rock music than you probably ever knew existed. This class ROCKS! 

  • CLASS PIANO (MUS 107ABCD)—You’ll receive instruction in how to play piano, including how to read music. This course is available for complete beginners as well as more advanced students. If you have always wished you could play an instrument, this is a great way to start! 

  • INTRO TO GUITAR (MUS 118)—You will learn the fundamentals of guitar playing in a variety of styles and will learn to read all notations associated with the instrument(standard notation, TAB, chord charts, and more!). You will need your own guitar for this class, a nylon-string, acoustic guitar is best. 

Lead Faculty: Scott Wolf ext. 5091

Adjunct Faculty: Marci Katznelson