Student Equity

Oxnard College’s Student Equity Plan was prepared with direction and input from participatory governance committees, including the Student Success Committee, Transitional Studies Committee Classified Senate, Associated Students and Academic Senate. These committees, charged with monitoring the Student Equity Plan’s progress and outcomes, includes representation from each academic department, Academic Support, , Student Services staff, Counseling and Matriculation, Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Business Services, Classified Senate, and Associated Student Government. While the Plan was being developed, various drafts were submitted to these committees and other college governance groups and administrators for input and feedback. The Plan was designed in coordination with the SSSP and BSI plans and serves to further support some initiatives addressed in those plans as well as efforts funded through grants and the General Fund in order to provide high quality instructional programs and student services that are clearly shaped to effectively support student success for all students. Below are specific target groups and goals of the Student Equity Plan. 

Below is the Executive Summary of the Integrated Plan which includes Student Equity goals for each student group, the activities the college will undertake to achieve these goals, and the resources budgeted for these activities. Additionally, the executive summary includes the expenditures for from 2014-2017 and an assessment of the progress made in achieving the identified goals.