The Professional Development Committee derives its authority from the Oxnard College Shared Decision Making and Collegial Consultation document approved in 2007 by the Academic and Classified Senates, Associated Student Government, and OC Management and acts as a committee of the Oxnard College academic senate and under the authority of AB1725 and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.  The Professional Development Committee reports directly to the academic senate.


The Professional Development Committee (PDC) supports and advances appropriate professional development activities of faculty, staff, and administration as delineated in AB1725 and Title 5.


Professional Development Committee membership is representative. Faculty members from each department serve on the committee. In addition, the classified staff is represented, Associated Student Government President, and a dean to serve as the management representative, and one faculty representative is appointed by AFT.

Members serve one-year terms and are selected by their departments/divisions or constituent groups. The chair has been an elected position of the academic senate, according to the senate’s bylaws.


  • To coordinate with the President on a comprehensive organizational and professional development program for all campus employees.
  • To oversee the coordination of Self-Assigned Flex activities on campus during the academic year.
  • To assist in the planning of the “All College Day” each year in coordination with the academic senate President and with employment agreements.


In order to accomplish the above goals, the PDC:

  • Solicits and evaluates applications for funding of faculty, staff, and administrative professional development activities.
  • Coordinates with President’s Office for development and delivery of a comprehensive program for professional development.
  • Collects written reports of completed activities.
  • Plans and publishes the schedule for Self-Assigned Flex activities each year.
  • Assists in the planning of the “All College Day” each year.
  • Prepares and submits plans and reports of professional development activities to the state chancellor’s office as required.   
  • Participates in the District Staff Development Committee’s activities (Oxnard College’s elected committee chair becomes chair of the district committee every third year).
  • Maintains records of professional development activities, funding history, and reports related to those activities.
  • To coordinate with appropriate District personnel to support campus based professional development activities.


Faculty, staff, and administration will have the opportunity for on-campus participation in professional development activities during Self-Assigned Flex Week and the “All College Day”.


The Professional Development Committee will meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are announced to the academic senate and via email, and the agenda is posted in a conspicuous place 72 hours in advance of each meeting in compliance with requirements of the Brown Act. If you would like to request an agenda item, please click on this link to complete the request form: Participatory Governance Agenda Item Request/Addition Form