Wise I may not call them; for that is a great name that belongs to God alone - lovers of wisdom or philosophers is their modest and befitting title. -Socrates

Oxnard College is dedicated to the philosophy of providing educational programs that develop individual abilities, strengthen human relationships, enhance community life, and heighten global consciousness. We recognize that the process of education is a process of exploration that depends on mutual responsibility.

The College schedules programs that reflect changing local, national, and international needs. Dedicated professionals create an environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, nurtures learning, and develops an understanding of society and how individuals can influence its workings. The students develop self-understanding, pursue educational objectives, and ultimately stand accountable for their own progress.

Oxnard College celebrates diversity and cultural understanding at all levels throughout the campus. Cultural and aesthetic activities are also relevant in today’s society and are to be fostered. The College strives to provide open-access to educational opportunities so that every adult, regardless of age, sex, race, disability, or ethnic socioeconomic, cultural or educational background shall have the opportunity for appropriate education to fulfill his or her potential.

Oxnard College looks to the past to understand the present in order to produce a more successful future. It strives to be innovative and responsive to the educational needs and demands of society in an atmosphere of shared governance, mutual respect, and trust. Oxnard College is responsive not only to community needs but also to the needs of our larger society.