OC is WE

A welcoming environment is what we all need to be able to root ourselves and thrive, especially on those days when the wind is in our face and not at our back. OC is a college that cares. Each effort of OC is WE puts caring into action.

  • A caring relationship forged between a student and OC faculty/staff may get its start because of participation in OC Cascading Mentoring. Those weekly calls might just help keep the learner on track and motivated.
  • Support through OC Resiliency Circles might be just what is needed to keep rolling and bouncing back from setbacks during this historic and tumultuous time.
  • Perhaps what gives us hope is the inspiring profiles of student and alum successes created through This is OC.

OC is WE is a set of initiatives that provide the invitation to connect a little closer and help us all feel a bit more connected, nurtured, and valued.

Aim of the Effort

OC is WE intentionally operationalizes three of the success factors that contribute to students' achievements. We do this by harnessing  the talent and warmth of the entire OC community.

  • Nurtured: Students feel somebody wants to help them to succeed.
  • Connected: Students feel like they are part of the college community
  • Valued: Students' skills, talents, abilities, and experiences are recognized. They have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are valued.