Student Workers are keystone members of the student community

  • Student workers directly improve student success while simultaneously fostering leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • These 'near peers' are the critical messengers needed to support the learning and achievement of their peers resulting in increased: course retention, course success, and completion of degrees and certificates.
  • Student workers cultivate an active engaged learning community where peers feel valued and individual success achievable. This occurs in class, clubs, centers, and where services are provided.

Aim of OC Resiliency Circles

OC Resiliency Circles intentionally operationalizes three of the success factors that contribute to students' achievement. We do this by intentionally and proactively supporting the mental health of student workers during tumultuous times.

  • Nurtured: Students feel somebody wants and helps them to succeed.
  • Connected: Students feel like they are part of the college community.
  • Valued: Students' skills, talents, abilities, and experiences are recognized. They have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are valued.

Structure of OC Resiliency Circles

  • Weekly meetings
  • 30 minute meetings with mental health professionals
    • 30 minutes of homework
  • Groups of 10 - 12 students meeting via Zoom
  • Content lead by a mental health expert
    • Pits and peaks
    • Resiliency idea for the week
    • Responsive to student needs
    • Access to information for additional resources