The Technology Committee derives its authority from the Oxnard College Participatory Governance/Standing, Advisory and Ad-Hoc Committees Manual in 2010 by the Academic and Classified Senates, Associated Student Government, and OC Management.



The Technology Committee exists to meet the instructional, communication, computing, and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the College. The mission of the committee is to focus on the technology environment at the College and to take a proactive leadership role on technology issues.



Members are to be appointed/selected annually. The Technology Committee membership is as follows:



  • Dean or Designee appointed by the Executive Vice President of Student Learning
  • Faculty Member (selected by Technology Committee)


Voting Members

One required representative from each of the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Media Center
  • Learning Center
  • OCTV
  • EAC
  • Admissions and Records
  • Instructional Technologist
  • One management representative (appointed by the Deans' Council)
  • Two Academic Senate representatives
  • One Classified staff representative
  • Business Department Representative
  • Dental Hygiene Department/Addictive Disorders Studies Representative
  • Fine Arts Department Representative
  • Letters Department Representative
  • Math Department Representative
  • Physical Education/Athletics/Health Department Representative
  • Sciences Department Representative Public Services Department Representative
  • Social Sciences Department Representative
  • Technology Department Representative
  • Counseling/Matriculation/Transfer Center Representative
  • Health Center Representative
  • EOPS Representative
  • Academic Support Services
  • Library/Learning Resources Representative
  • Business Services Bookstore/Publications Representative
  • Fiscal Services/Student Business Office Representative
  • Maintenance & Operations Representative
  • Information Technology Representative
  • Distance Education Committee Representative

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Technology

The Technology Committee is open to all constituents and/or division/departments of the College. The voting, however, is limited to the representatives listed above. Membership is for one year.


  • To provide a collaborative venue for shared leadership determining the technology needs of the College to sustain teaching and information management.
  • To plan for the incorporation of various technologies in the teaching and learning activities at the College.
  • To advise the College and individuals about technological matters pertaining to teaching and learning and information management.
  • To help in establishing policies and procedures that can sustain and manage the existing technology and information management infrastructure.
  • To author, revise, and oversee the College‟s Technology Master Plan.


In order to accomplish the above goals, the Technology Committee will:

  • Serve as a voice and advocate for the application of appropriate technologies to the learning process at the College.
  • Serve as a forum and share discussions on information about the College‟s educational technology and information management infrastructures.

Expected Outcomes

  • A venue for the College community to discuss planning and resources related to issues involving educational technology and information management.
  • A completed College Technology Master Plan.
  • Appropriate policies and procedures regarding the acquisition, use, and maintenance of educational technology and information management systems.
  • A source of information for faculty, staff and management about available and appropriate educational technologies and information management systems.


The Technology Committee meets the third Thursday of each month during the academic year. Additional meetings are to be scheduled as needed. If a member misses three consecutive meetings, he/she will no longer be considered a voting member.

Click here for the upcoming meeting agenda and minutes of past meetings.