Transitional Math and the Success Academy

What is the Success Academy?

A learning place offering support for the Transitional Mathematics students.  This is an independent learning environment where the lessons are presented on the computer, but instructors and tutors are available to answer questions as you go along. 

Where is the Success Academy?

The Success Academy is located in the Math Center, inside the Library Learning Resource Center

When is the Success Academy Open?

Spring Hours for Staff (beginning Tuesday, January 15th):

  • Monday - Thursday:  8:00am to 8:30pm
  • Friday:  9 am to 12 pm
  • Closed for regular college holidays

Orientations : Orientations will be done in the classroom on the first day of each scheduled class.  Students will be given an overview of the course and assistance in registering in the MyMathLab course.  Students missing their first class will be dropped from the class, so attendance is VERY important!

How does the Transitional Math Class work?

My Math Lab software through Pearson Education

  • On-Site Tutoring by Peer Tutors & Faculty Instructors
  • Individualized Faculty Instruction
  • Classroom meetings with instructor for one hour each week
  • Progress Carefully Monitored
  • Earn Units: test out of what you know; focus on areas needing mastery

Why should a student enroll in Transitional Math?

  • It is an alternative to the traditional math class
  • This mastery based course takes a student from Basic Math through Elementary Algebra in only 8 units
  • It has flexible hours . ..Some of the work can even be done at home...
  • The course allows for varied pace of learning. can slow down when you need to spend more time and speed up when you already know the material...
  • You can work ahead into the new course material if you finish early...

How much time does it take to complete Transitional Math 1?

  • A four unit class has a minimum time commitment of 9 hours per week outside of class.  Working at this pace, some students will finish early, some will take longer.  This program allows you to determine your own pace as long as you meet minimum weekly requirements and your pace allows you to pass your class by the end of the semester.

  • Each week, all students will attend a MANDATORY 1-hour class with an instructor and work in the Success Academy Lab for at least 3 hours.  Outside of this time, students are expected to complete a minimum of 6 hours of work on the program.  Note:  There is no exact hour prescription, but the instructors will help the students find the right pace.

  • The classroom instructors will be meeting each week with students to make sure they are staying on target.

How do I get started?

  • If you are a new student to Oxnard college, visit the matriculation office in Student Services (LRC Building) and take an assessment test.  This will help determine the classes you need.
  • Register for the class that best fits your schedule.
  • Come to the first day of class and learn the rest!

For more information, contact: