School of STEM

What is the School of STEM?

School of STEM isn’t just a group. It’s a team. We have a goal and we do it together. 

  1. Build a sense of community amongst STEM students. We are in this together and Illumineers are the ambassadors to have others join 

  1. Recognition for what we call ‘high impact practices.’ Students who do the things on the School of STEM checklist succeed in classes, complete and transfer. Research confirms this and so do the stories we can tell. 

  1. Managing the muddling middle. That sense of community is what keeps us in it when other things pull. That map helps us to have faith we will make it. It is reassuring to know we are doing the right things at the right time and we are indeed on the right path. 

How can you join the School of STEM?

  1. Attend a School of STEM Workshop.
  2. Complete this form to join the School of STEM.

What are the requirements for the School of STEM?