OC STEM Club Alliance

EMP Logo

Engineering, Math, and Physics Club EMP club’s purpose is to promote the  understanding and increase the enjoyment of learning in all areas of engineering, math and physics. Also, to assist our members in attaining their goals of academic success. 

Instagram handle -  @oc.emp

EMP Advisor - Justin Miller (jwmiller@vcccd.edu)

EMP President - Trina Duong 


If you are considering transferring in Engineering, Math or Physics click on program mapper- for STEM to see the pathway for these degrees.

SHPE Club Logo

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) SHPE Club is designed for students interested in a STEM career who want to establish networks and further develop their skills. Check out SHPE's linktree for upcoming events and information.

SHPE Club Email: OxnardCollegeSHPE@gmail.com 

Instagram Handle - @shpeoxnardcollege

SHPE Advisor - Carey Smith (CareySmith@vcccd.edu)

SHPE President - Ricardo Gonzales

If you are an Engineering student visit program mapper- for STEM to see the additional degrees you could be eligible for.

Women in STEM Logo 

OC Women in STEM Club The mission of the club is to promote a healthy and welcoming environment for women in choosing their careers in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). Also to promote communication between all Oxnard College clubs and to create a proactive atmosphere among students for women’s rights and education related to STEM. 

OC Women in STEM Club Email: OCSTEMWomen@gmail.com 

Instagram Handle - @oc_womeninstem

OC Women in STEM Club Advisor - Jessica Kuang (jkuang@vcccd.edu) & Celenia Cano (ccano@vcccd.edu)

OC Women in STEM Club President - Justhine Kaye Placio

If you are a STEM major visit program mapper- for STEM for a list of majors and its pathways. 

OC Chem Club Logo

Chemistry Club The OC Chem Club promotes chemistry and its importance in everyday life.  We encourage both STEM and non-STEM majors alike in exploring the natural world and getting excited over chemistry by going on field trips (for example, getting a tour of the Camrosa Water Reclamation site in Camarillo and birding at Ormond Beach with the Ventura Audobon Society), carrying out reactions (for example, making ice cream) and acting as a meeting place for students to socialize and help each other with classwork.  The Chem Club works closely with the OC STEM center to help our students find STEM opportunities on campus.  

Chemistry Club Advisors - Anna Toy-Palmer (atoypalmer@vcccd.edu) & Jose Carlos Victoria Montoya (jvictoriamontoya@vcccd.edu)

Chemistry Club President - Dayana Ponce

If you are a Chemistry major visit Program Mapper for majoring in either Chemistry A.A. or Chemistry A.S. 

Computer Science Logo

Computer Science Club The purpose of the Computer Science club is to introduce programming to people who don't even know what it is. It is for the people who might be interested in anything programming related to be able to get a little feel for what it can be. Its purpose is to get a larger amount of people interested in Computer Science. It's also a place for Computer Science majors to collaborate. Oxnard doesn't have any Computer Science classes so it is a bit difficult to make those connections.

Computer Science Club Email: ComputerScienceOC@gmail.com 

Instagram Handle - @oc_computerscience

Computer Science Club Advisor - Sergio Arana (sarana@vcccd.edu)

Computer Science Club President - Daniel Sanchez 

If you are a interested in Computer Science, visit program mapper- Computer Science for a list of majors and pathways. 

Games and Hobbies Logo

Games and Hobbies Club The Games and Hobbies Club is on a mission to bring OC students together through the use of board/card/video games to create a stronger, more exciting experience on campus. All the while helping the communities around us to better everyone. 

Games and Hobbies Club Email: ocgamesandhobbies@gmail.com 

Instagram Handle: @oc_gamesandhobbies

Games & Hobbies Club Advisors - Beau DeRouen (aderouen@vcccd.edu) & Nate Streeper  (nstreeper@vcccd.edu)

Games & Hobbies Club President - Martin Jimenez

Future Teachers Club Logo

Future Teachers Club (STEM) The Future Teachers Club provides support and activity opportunities for all Oxnard College students interested in the field of teaching. All majors are welcome! Check out the FTC Website for upcoming events and meetings. 

Future Teachers Club Email: OCFutureTeachersClub@gmail.com 

Instagram Handle: @OCFutureTeachers

Future Teachers Club (STEM) Advisor - Christina Hanna (channa@vcccd.edu)

Future Teachers Club (STEM) President - Sandra Vasquez

If you are considering becoming a teacher visit program mapper- for Education for a list of related degrees and pathways. 

Biology Club The Biology Club is to promote understanding, share interests in Biology, and assist with goals of academic success.

Biology Club Advisor - Sharbani Banerjee (sbanerjee@vcccd.edu)

Biology Club President - Josh Farrell

If you are a interested in Biology visit program mapper- Biology for a list of majors and pathways.