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Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matter and with the changes matter undergoes. There are many different employment opportunities open to chemists. A chemist can work in a laboratory or research environment asking questions and testing hypotheses with experiments. Another possibility for a chemist is to work on a computer developing theories or models or to predict reactions. Some chemists do field work, others contribute advice on chemistry for projects. Some chemists write. Some chemists teach, while others use chemistry to enter the medical field.

The chemistry program offers two associate degrees: the Associate in Arts (A.A.) and the Associate in Science (A.S.). The courses in this program can prepare students to transfer to Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree programs in Chemistry. To earn an Associate degree with a major in Chemistry, students must complete the core courses, plus general education degree requirements. These major requirements help prepare students for upper-division course work for bachelor degrees and advanced degrees in chemistry offered by four-year institutions. Since the course work in chemistry is sequential, students may spend less time earning an associate degree by giving priority to the requirements for a major in chemistry. Earning an Associate degree in Chemistry suggests an achievement of technical skills that may be helpful in seeking immediate employment.

Universities differ slightly in requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. The Counseling Department or a member of the Science Department faculty can help students plan their coursework at Oxnard College so students have a smooth transition to the university of his or her choice. Students are advised to refer to the official articulation agreements on for the most current requirements of their intended transfer institution. Both the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry are offered at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), California State University Northridge (CSUN) and the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) only grants the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. In addition, CSUCI, CSUN, UCSB and UCLA all grant Bachelor of Science degrees in Biochemistry.