OC STEM begins with the end in mind.

A crowd of tomorrow’s innovative STEM professionals will point to the Oxnard Plains as their childhood stomping grounds and the birthplace of their professional passion.  This beautifully diverse community, with a valued mix of culture and language, is the backdrop of their story.

The story of their beginnings describe the aim of today’s educators, learners, families, community and systems thinkers.  

In 2032 accomplished STEM professionals exude passion for their area of expertise.  The seed of that passion was cultivated through the efforts of OC STEM.


OC STEM CIRCUIT makes effort to articulate a learning progression for families and learners from eighth grade to college.


Viewfinder summer experiences (free) bring STEM subject matter interest and hobbies into focus. Merge STEM exploration with hands-on learning to unearth career paths and enhance STEM skills and life skills. Learn by doing and create friendships along the way. STEM is everywhere and for everyone.


Program Mapper is an interactive visualization of OC's academic programs. Designed to help you choose your path to an Associate degree, certificate, transfer to a 4-year institution, or gain the skills you need to start your career. Program Mapper helps you find a field of study that will help you achieve your college goals in a reasonable timeframe.


Illumineers are STEM student mentors and tutors just a step ahead of the OC students they serve.  These passionate STEM undergraduates reflect on their own experience and share their learning.  By lighting a fire for others, one will brighten one’s own way.


OC ESTEEM Scholars: Enhancing Success in Transfer Education for Engineering Majors. ESTEEM is a scholarship and support program for academically-talented, low-income students majoring or intending to major in Engineering.


OC STEM students learn first hand about the work and environment of today’s STEM professionals by going out into the field and meeting them where work happens.


The Teacher Prep Track supports young people with a passion for teaching to become STEM education leaders in their communities.

OC is WE

A welcoming environment is what we all need to be able to root ourselves and thrive, especially on those days when the wind is in our face and not at our back. OC is a college that cares. Each effort of OC is WE puts caring into action.

OC is ME

Student workers serve as near peers and role models. They benefit from intentional professional learning that builds a sense of purpose and community while also fostering leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.