OC STEM Maker Space 

What is a Maker Space? A maker space is a communal public workshop in which makers can work on small personal projects. Bring your own projects or play with our fun science and technology supplies. Tap into your creativity, experiment, build, and invent as you deeply engage in science, engineering, innovation, and tinkering.  

Who Can Play? All OC students, faculty, and staff are able to enjoy the STEM Maker Space, regardless of major. 

How to Play: For students, connect with an Illumineer who will show you how to use the materials with them in OC’s STEM Maker Space in the LLRC. For faculty and staff, connect with the OC STEM staff about how you can incorporate these materials into your classrooms, curriculums, and areas of interest. 

Available Supplies: 3D Printers, AirZookas, Alka Seltzer Rockets, Arduinos, Google Cardboards, Heuristics Cards, Lego Mindstorm Kits, Merge 3D Cubes, Rasberry Pi, Rocket Launchers, Slime, Upcycled Material, Virtual Reality Headsets + VR STEM Apps .

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