The reading courses are designed to develop and enhance students’ college-level reading skills for success in subjects across the curriculum at Oxnard College and beyond to transfer. Reading courses focus on techniques for improved comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary and study skills for all types of reading including college textbooks and research. Additional reading courses for ESL students are also offered and are listed in the catalog under the English as a Second Language program.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to: 

  • Successfully apply specific academic reading study strategies for college-level courses.

Reading Courses Offered

READ R095 - College Reading Across the Curriculum -- Note taking techniques for college-level reading in all subjects.

ESL R096 - College Reading Skills for ESL -- Note taking techniques for college-level reading in all subjects with a focus on content specifically designed for second-language learners. 

READ R091 - Academic Reading for Biological Anthropology -- A support course providing reading strategies for success in ANTH R101. 

READ R105 - Critical Reading -- Critical analysis of college-level reading on a variety of subjects (CSU transferable, fulfills CSU A3 requirement). 



R.E.A.D. Project Videos (link coming soon)


Resources for Reading Tips and Strategies

Comprehension: The Goal of Reading 

The Importance of Annotating (Eastern Washington University's Writing Center) 

10 Reading Strategies for College Students (Purdue University)

Reading Techniques (Dartmouth)

Reading Comprehension Tips (The Learning Center, University of South Carolina)