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Political Science courses offer research into and analysis of the institutions and politics of government. Topics include the interpretation and use of constitutions, the politics of the legislative process, elections and campaigns, the impact of money and lobbying on public policy decisions, the role of political parties, interactions between national, state and local government, the role of executive leadership including the United States President, the impact of bureaucracies on public and personal life, the judicial process and the criminal justice system, comparative government, international relations and a wide range of issues that affect the lives of citizens.

Development of skills in research, critical thinking, persuasive argument in debate, and analytical writing are primary goals of instruction in political science. All courses provide a stimulating foundation for the life of an educated citizen. Four political courses offer partial fulfillment of the American Institutions requirement. The requirements for a political science major and the great variety of career options served by a major are listed below.


Department Chair: Josh Lieser