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The goal of the philosophy program is to introduce students to a broad range of philosophical topics and issues. The methods of careful reasoning, philosophical analysis and constructive dialogue are applied to questions that concern all who seek to understand themselves, the reality of the world, the meaning and purpose of life and the way to make wise and moral choices. The subject is taught primarily as a contribution to students’ overall liberal arts education. Transfer-level curriculum is emphasized, as are interdisciplinary studies with other subject areas, particularly in the natural and social sciences. Students who take philosophy courses in the program can expect to become better thinkers, more effective learners, more capable employees, wiser consumers and better citizens.

Resources for Students:

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)


Tutoring is one of the most essential and yet under-valued resources in all of college academics. Almost any student at Oxnard College can benefit significantly by interacting with the Tutorial Center either by receiving tutoring, (individual or small group), or by **becoming a tutor themselves. (**See Tutorial Center regarding eligibility requirements, if interested.)

Any student enrolled in a philosophy class can take advantage of this valuable no-cost resource.

Please note: In some cases, students will be either urged (or even very strongly urged) to take advantage of some of the many services offered through the Oxnard College Tutorial Center. For any questions and/or concerns regarding the Philosophy Program please contact 


Department Chair: Josh Lieser

Lead Faculty: Chris Horrock