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Along with courses in Marine Biology, Oceanography and Aquaculture, entrepreneurial apprenticeship programs combining science, business and technology are offered through Marine Studies. A study with The White Abalone Project enables students to have a hands-on experience with the endangered white abalone. The study of its larvae, juvenile and early adult stages provides insight into adaptations to physical and biological stresses in the ocean environment.

Learn about the ocean, study at a beautiful location and earn your science credits for CCs, CSU & UC at the Marine Center and Aquarium at the Channel Islands Harbor. Classrooms, laboratories and an aquarium are developed at the Center; including touch tanks, a shark tank and display tanks holding local marine animals and plants.


Students exploring Anacapa Island during a Spring 2008 field

Students in the Marine Studies Program at Oxnard College learn about ocean features, the many habitats found within the ocean, and how the ocean plays a role in global weather patterns. We provide our students with opportunities to visit the Channel Islands, participate in research cruises with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists, attend scientific meetings, and learn what creates the perfect wave for surfing.

Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or are thinking of a career in science, the Oxnard College Marine Studies Program is a way get your feet wet and begin your oceanic adventure.

Did you know that 1/3 of NOAA's scientists will retire by 2015? NOAA scientists include people who study fish, ocean currents, weather patterns, the deep sea, and marine mammals to name a few. To learn more about what NOAA does check out:


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