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 Welcome to the World of Geography

Geography is a multi-disciplinary science of the Earth and how the physical and cultural world interact.

Geography is more than maps and memorization of countries.  Geographers explore the Earth’s features,
their spatial distribution and movement, and how all these elements integrate.

Themes in Geography:

  • Geosphere - geology, earthquakes,  volcanoes, mountain formation, ocean floor
  • Atmosphere - climate change, weather, types of climate
  • Hydrosphere - oceans, rivers, water cycle
  • Biosphere - biological connection to earth processes
  • Cultures - diversity, populations, geopolitics, and how the environment influence people
  • Environment - human-Earth interactions
Photo of islands from above

Careers in Geography:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Urban Planner
  • Mapping with Geographical Information Systems
  • Tour Guide
  • Park Ranger/Public Land Management
  • Conservationist/Environmentalist
  • Travel Agent/Guide
  • Teacher / Professor
  • Researcher

Opportunities to Make a Difference:

  • Analyze Environmental impacts
  • Map features with "big data" for analysis
  • Design cities or manage land resources and uses
  • Study human/ environmental interface
  • Geo-political analysis
  • Academics/Research
Photo of geographers inspecting boulders.

Oxnard College Offers:

  • Elements of Physical Geography - R101
  • Physical Geography Lab – R101L
  • Intro to Weather and Climate - R102
  • World Regional Geography - R103
  • Geography of California - R104

Field Trips:

Students enrolled in any of the geography courses may join a field trip.  Trips often include the Channel Islands, National Parks, and other locations in southern California.  (Field trips may be on temporary hold due to COVID-19).

Click here for the Grand Canyon field trip video.


photo of geography field trip

Explore Geography at Oxnard College!

Oxnard College offers an AA-T in geography. The program of study below will ready you for an exciting future.


CCC Major or Area of Emphasis:  Geography

CSU Major or Majors:                      Geography

Total units:                                        18-20 (all units are semester units)

Degree Type:                                    AA-T

Core courses are almost universally required for the major upon transfer.


Core Courses: 6-7 Unites
Title (units) Course and Number Sample Course Plan Semester/Year Planned Offering
Oxnard College
Introduction to Physical Geography (3) and Physical Geography, Laboratory (1) GEOG R101 &
Fall, Year 1 Fall and Spring
World Geography (3) GEOG R102 Fall, Year 2 Fall and Spring
List A: Select 6-7 units from the following:
Physical Geography, Laboratory (if GEOG R101L not taken above) (1) GEOG R101L Fall, Year 1 Fall and Spring
World Regional Geography (3) (if GEOG R101L not taken above) (1) GEOG R102 Fall, Year 1 Fall and Spring
California Geography (3) GEOG R104 Spring, Year 2 Spring Every Year
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Techniques, with Lab (3) GEOG R106 Fall, Year 2 Not currently offered
Introduction to Weather and Climate (3) GEOG R103 Spring, Year 1 Spring Every Year
List B: Select 6 units from the following:
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3) ANTH R102 Spring, Year 2 Fall and Spring
Physical Geology (3) GEOL R101 Spring, Year 2

Fall and Spring

For More Information:

Click here for course descriptions
Click here for schedule of classes

Professor Danza has 25 years of experience as a professional planner (urban, environmental, and water resources), adjunct professor, environmental leader, and wilderness skills educator.  His work experiences, world travel, and his love for science become part of the classroom experience.

photo of Jim Danza


Jim Danza AICP, M.S.
Associate Professor

Oxnard College Geography and Environmental Science Programs  | (805) 678-5209