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Engineers are significant and valuable members of our society that are relied upon to generally produce solutions through the utilization, design, and development of a plethora of technologies. With the increasingly high demand for qualified engineers in the workforce, this program allows those in the local community the opportunity to fill a vital role.

Upon completion of the Associate in Science in Engineering, students will have obtained the skills and preparation necessary to transfer into an Engineering program at a four-year university, and ultimately seek employment as an engineer. Some graduates may also pursue entry-level positions in the engineering field. Students completing the program will be knowledgeable in aspects of engineering utilized in the many different fields of engineering along with a strong foundation in mathematics and physics; structural analysis, circuitry, CAD, programming, material composition, and general systems and applications of engineering in the modern world. Through group projects and laboratory assignments, students will also develop collaboration skills as well as practical hands on skills widely used in the fields of engineering such as, but not limited to; the use of oscilloscopes, electrical motor design and production, circuit building, structural design, strength testing, and generally analyzing the pertinent physical properties of a given system.


Department Chair: Justin Miller