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Economics teaches analytical reasoning, offers an explanation of the working of economies in a global context, and enables us to understand how consumers and sellers make decisions in a market environment. An undergraduate degree in economics opens the door to many different areas of specialization that lead to numerous and often lucrative careers in business, government and academia.

Did you know these facts?

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics is among the most in demand by employers.

  • People with advanced degrees in Economics are among the highest paid in the U.S. today.

  • The highest scorers in LSAT (Law) exams are those with degrees in Economics.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics enables people to get into many areas, such as Finance, Law, Engineering, Political Science, Business Administration, Public Administration etc.

  • These are just a few of the famous people who have majored in Economics: Former President Ronald Reagan, Ernesto Zedillo (former President of Mexico), former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan, U.S. senator, Barbara Boxer, singer Lionel Richie, actor Paul Newman, actress Cate Blanchett, Meg Whitman (CEO, Ebay Technologies), former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day-O’Connor, cartoonist Scott Adams (Dilbert), Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft).

  • The Federal Reserve Board (the central body in the U.S. responsible for setting interest rates and other aspects of monetary policy) is made up entirely of people with advanced degrees in Economics and Finance.


Department Chair: Josh Lieser