The Budget Committee supports and advances the college mission, vision and values by encouraging transparency and constituency understanding of the budget, working to ensure that college-wide planning and strategic priorities drive the budget allocation process. The Budget Committee makes data-driven recommendations that align resource allocations with resource planning, institutional planning and program review recommendations. The Budget Committee also serves as a forum for discussion of budget changes and information. The Budget Committee makes recommendations to the College Planning Council.


Members are selected or appointed on an annual basis prior to the conclusion of the spring semester for the subsequent academic year.


  • Vice President of Business Services
  • Academic Senate President or designee


  • Six Academic Senate representatives
  • Three Classified Senate representatives
  • Two Associated Student Government representatives
  • Two Management representatives
  • One AFT representative


Members have the following responsibilities:

  • Receive information regarding state and district fiscal activities and review and discuss information on the state and district budgets as they apply to the college budget.
  • Become educated about how college revenue and expenditure budgets are developed to provide a context in which to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the committee.
  • Provide ongoing education for the college community on budget development and implementation.
  • Disseminate information to faculty, classified, student and administrative constituencies regarding college financial resources and expenditures and bring feedback through committee representatives.
  • Review, rank and identify funding sources (if appropriate) for resource requests submitted through the program review process, as they relate to college needs and connect to identified college plans.
  • Make recommendations to the College Planning Council.


The Budget Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:30 PM during the academic year in accordance with the calendar established by the College Planning Council.  Meetings will be held via ConferZoom, and the campus community is welcome to attend. To request a Zoom link to attend a committee meeting, please contact Allie Frazier at afrazier@vcccd.edu.