Oxnard College is a learning-centered institution that embraces academic excellence by providing multiple pathways to student success.



The Program Review Committee (PRC) supports and advances the college mission, vision, and values by recommending to the College Planning Council on all matters related to program review and program effectiveness. A “program,” for the purposes of this committee, includes academic disciplines, Student Services, Business Services, and Administrative Services. The PRC will implement the program review process in a manner that enhances the linkage of program planning with resource allocation, with an emphasis on the analysis of student learning and other measurable outcomes as appropriate to each program. All programs complete annual or multi-year program reviews.  The PRC makes recommendations to the College Planning Council.



Members are selected or appointed on an annual basis prior to the conclusion of the spring semester for the subsequent academic year. 

  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Academic Senate President or designee


  • Eleven Academic Senate representatives
  • Five Classified Senate representatives
  • Two Associated Student Government representatives
  • Three management representatives



Members have the following responsibilities:

  • Make a good faith effort to read, review, evaluate, rate and comment upon program reviews, and present their findings and analysis in an objective, collegial manner.
  • Oversee and ensure the effectiveness of the college’s program review processes.
  • Facilitate the continuous quality improvement of programs and to make recommendations for the expansion, maintenance or discontinuance of programs to the CPC.
  • Provide all programs with an opportunity to assess their programs and a forum in which to share the results of that assessment with the college.
  • Create a broader understanding of programs at the college among a larger group of faculty, staff and students.
  • Promote constructive dialogue designed to inform decision-making related to program effectiveness.



The PRC meets monthly during the academic year in accordance with the calendar established by the College Planning Council.

Agenda, Minutes, Meeting Times and other information:  BoardDocs



The Program Review reports are contained in the eLumen application.  You will need a Username and password to access this application, please contact Janet Dawald for more information.