Viewfinder Summer Experience is a two-week STEM program designed to cultivate high school students’ sense of engagement, interest and identity focused on science, technology, engineering and math. Partnering with the community is a key effort of Oxnard College. This initiative supports collaboration with our partner secondary district, Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) and the K-8 districts within OC service area.

It is a two-week program that meets Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-1:30PM. The planned activities are designed to incorporate the following activities:

· Daily active learning to intentionally strengthen STEM content capacity, knowledge and skills.

· Daily active learning to intentionally strengthen STEM identity and engagement.

· Learning experiences embedded with CAL/ACT strategies and philosophy.

· Intentional STEM Career Awareness.

· Structured comprehension and collaboration opportunities leading to a presentation of knowledge and ideas (Presentation for families on the last day).

Strategies and activities promoted by the Viewfinder Mentors included:

· Resiliency and reflection

· Cascading mentoring

2022 Viewfinder Spa Postcard


2022 Viewfinder Spa Postcard

Aim of the Effort:

1. Bring STEM subject matter interest and hobbies into focus.

2. Merge STEM exploration with hands-on learning to unearth career paths and enhance STEM skills and life skills.

3. Learn by doing and create friendships along the way.

 Application form link is found here.

We look forward to receiving your application for STEM Viewfinder 2021. 

For further questions, please contact Haida Jimenez-Martinez at (805) 678-5131 or