Guided Pathways to Success (GPS) in STEM Careers 


1. Increase Hispanic and low-income students’ postsecondary success in STEM.
2. Increase the number of Hispanic and low-income students attaining STEM degrees leading to transfer and career.
3. Develop model articulation and transfer agreements in STEM with four-year institutions and broaden onramps to STEM careers.

Key Strategies:

1. Develop and refine existing and new model articulations between OC, University of California system, California State University system and private four-year institutions.
2. Create a STEM transfer and career counseling and advising position.
3. Broadly and comprehensively communicate existing and new transfer and career pathways, including earnings.
4. Leverage OC Alumni connections for increased transfer and career success.
5. Embed transfer awareness, career exploration and industry student learning outcomes (SLOs) in STEM courses, labs, and experiences.