Nouh Sepulveda

Major at Oxnard College: Civil Engineering 

Plans to transfer to university during: Fall 2024

Major when transfer to university: Civil Engineering

OC STEM Club Alliance Clubs do you participate in or lead: EMP Club Treasurer and Women in STEM Club Vice-President 

Career goal: To create sustainable, affordable, and renewable housing/buildings that will last for generations to come. I want to help build a better more sustainable future where generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful world we live in. 

Enjoy the following during my free time: I love to roller skate at Skating Plus. I’ve learned how to dance and skate around the rink with various friends I’ve made. While I’m not skating, I like to play video games such as Valorant, city skylines, Roblox, and more; furthermore, I like to be active and go outside. I go to the gym often and love active activities such as hiking, the beach, swimming, and running just to name a few. Lastly,  I also love various art forms. I draw, paint, dance, sing, and just overall love to get creative. 

Pronouns: He/Him