This alumni article was written by Lauren Rosenthal, a Moorpark College student and student worker with the Ventura County Community College District.

Marcos Rodriguez Hurtado visited Oxnard College (OC) for the first time when he was in third grade. Only five minutes away from his home, OC was the first college campus he had ever set foot on and he was impressed. His most vivid memory from the tour was of the Letters and Science Building and seeing a stadium classroom.

Even at 9 years old, choosing to one day attend Oxnard College was a “no-brainer,” said the OC alum who is now a Student Services Specialist at the college where he oversees the Welcome Center.

“Entering Oxnard College, I did not know what career path I wanted. I just knew education was transformative,” he said.

When he enrolled at OC, Marcos’s career path was far from certain. However, he soon found inspiration. Marcos dedicated part of his time to working at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme, helping students achieve their goals and forming a foundation upon which he could build his career. Influenced by the fulfilling nature of working with students, Marcos decided to expedite his efforts to obtain his associate degree. 

“Being a first-generation college student at OC empowered me to believe in myself,” shared Marcos. “While taking classes I learned that it’s never too late to accomplish your educational goals and when you put your mind to it, almost everything is possible. Although completing my education came with a lot of sacrifices, OC gave me the opportunity to learn at my pace.”

Marcos transferred to Cal State Channel Islands, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. To further his dream of becoming a professor, Marcos took up substitute teaching and learned that his career goals lay in education. 

Marcos still felt the lasting impression OC had made on him and was waiting for the day he could return. He joined OC in 2019 and enjoys helping students who remind him of himself, and he feels he has come full circle by helping others achieve their own academic success.


You can connect with Marcos to learn more about his experience at OC and how to navigate OC today by contacting the Welcome Center at

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