Hispanic Heritage Event: Tres Vidas

When: Sept. 23 at 6pm - LIVE STREAM 

Core Ensemble's mesmerizing Tres Vidas is a musical theatre work celebrating the life and work of three pioneering Latin American women - Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Salvadoran peasant activist Rufina Amaya and Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni.

Written by Chilean poet Marjorie Agosin, Tres Vidas offers powerful portrayals of each woman and includes the singing of traditional Mexican folk songs as well as Argentinean popular and tango songs made famous by Mercedes Sosa and Carlos Gardel. Additional music by Astor Piazzolla, Orlando Garcia, Pablo Ortiz, Alice Gomez, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Michael DeMurga and Osvaldo Golijov round out the musical score.