Class of 2021 Virtual Yearbook

Find all the celebration details, including the drive-through commencement event, on the Oxnard College Commencement webpage.

  • Oxnard College staff handing a Class of 2021 sign to a graduate
  • President Luis Sanchez greeting the graduates at the Drive-Thru event.
  • Oxnard College graduate posing with their family members.
  • Congratulations Graduates!

    We want to celebrate you! To recognize the achievements of the 2021 graduates of Oxnard College, we are excited to acknowledge you and highlight your success.
    Board Chair Joshua Chancer and Chancellor Greg Gillespie
    Congratulations from
    The Ventura County Community College District Chancellor Greg Gillespie and Chair of the Board of Trustees Joshua Chancer
    Oxnard College President Luis Sanchez
    Congratulations from
    President Luis Sanchez
    Dr. Amy Fara Edwards
    Congratulations from
    Dr. Amy Fara Edwards, Professor and Academic Senate President
    Congratulations from
    Amparo Martinez, Student Support Specialist
    Lorena Ortiz
    Congratulations from
    Lorena Ortiz, ASG President and Daisy Granado, Oxnard College Graduate

    View Graduate Profiles on the Virtual Yearbook

    Organized in alphabetical order by last name, open the drop-down below and click on a graduate name to go directly to their profile! 

    Organized in alphabetical order by last name–click on a graduate name to go directly to their profile!

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