Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Earn Birth to State Championship

November 6--Mt. SAC

The focus of the Oxnard Cross Country teams at the So. Cal Championships was qualifying for the State Championships. That’s exactly what they did.  Cynthia Navarro led the women again finishing 14th in 18:52 and earning a championship medal. Following her was Liz Robles in 47th in 19:59, just behind her was Jessica Serrano in 54th in 20:08. Rounding out the scoring team placed Mari Samano in 148th timed at 22:43 and Maria Jajada in 155th in a PR 22:55.

Team Scores: 1.Glendale 38 2.OCC 87 3.Mt SAC 125 4.SoWestern 127 5.Riverside 173 6.LATT 289 7.Cuesta 291 8.SBCC 9.Cerritos 318 10.SDMesa 328 11.VVC 348 12.VC 360 13.Fullerton 375 14.Oxnard 395 15.Citrus 406 16.AVC 410 17.Pasadena 412 18.Saddleback 422 19.LA Valley 434 20.Moorpark 460 21.LBCC 505 22.Rio Hondo 536 23.COC 559 24.SBV 575 25.Santa Ana 646 26.Palamor 663 27.Imperial Valley 700 28.Cuyamaca 761

The Men’s team had similar goals as the women and they also stood up and got it done! Izzy Herrera led OC placing 24th in 21:31 following Izzy was Caser Lopez in 40th clocking 21:57. Martin Cervantes finished next and continues to improve placing 57th in 22:15. Chris Coleman and Nelson Rivera were the final two scoring members getting 106th and 154th respectfully.

Team Scores: 1.SVC 56 2.OCC 134 3.Glendale 140 4.Mt SAC 160 5.El Camino 165 6.Cerritos 169 7.Riverside 237 8.VC 253 9.SD Mesa 289 10.Cuyamaca 340 11.SoWestern 345 12.Oxnard 370 13.AVC 387 14.Fullerton 390 15.VVC 396 16.Saddleback 433 17.Cuesta 435 18.Palomar 446 19.Pasadena 461 20.SBCC 476 21.LA Valley 497 22.LBCC 506 23.BC 614 24.West LA 629 25.Desert 683 26.Santigo Cyn 691 27.AHC 748 28.SDCC 766   

Oxnard Cross Country Continues to Impress at WSC Finals

October 27-- Cuesta College

The WSC Championship completes conference competition and establishes post season births. Running up against the #1 ranked team in the state, Glendale, we had our work cut out for us. OC ladies were up for the challenge. The conditions were cool and windy at the Fairfield cross-country course. Cynthia Navarro (left)led again placing 13th 20:26. Right behind was Liz Robles just 4 seconds back in 16th place. Jessica Serrano ran her best race so far placing 20th in 20:48. Erica Tomaschow was next in 54th in 23:07 and Mari Samano was 56th in 23:31 to help their team finish fifth.

Team Scores: 1.Glendale 20 2.Cuesta 89 3.VC 140 4.SBCC 143 5.Oxnard 158 6.Citrus 165 7.LA Valley 166 8.Moorpark 178 9.COC 202 10.Bakersfield 254 11.SMCC 259 12. West LA 307 13.AHC 322 

In the men’s race OC was determined to advance to SoCal finals. Running with a purpose Oxnard’s Izzy Herrera (right)  was battling for the led for most of the race and finished in 3rd timing 21:45. Cesar Lopez ran a great race as well to finish just two places behind in 5th in 22:08. Martin Cervantes continues to impress and improve placing 17th and earning all conference honors for the first time in 22:41. Chris Coleman hung tough and placed 27th in 23:11. Rounding out the scoring team was Nelson Rivera 52nd in 24:17.

Team Scores: 1.Glendale 34 2.VC 82 3.Oxnard 104 4.SBCC 107 5.Cuesta 6.West LA 166 7.LA Valley 201 8.Bakersfield 206 9.AHC 249 10.SBCC 267 11.COC 286 12.Moorpark 300 13.Citrus 342

Oxnard Cross Country Top Ten at Mt SAC

With 38 teams collected together for this competition it was nothing less than fierce. Up  for the task were the OC Ladies. Led by Cynthia Navarro again she finished 14th in a field of 339 women in 19:16. Next for the condors was Jessica Serrano(pictured) 46th in 20:30 followed Liz Robles 57th in 20:52 hampered by soreness. Erica Tomaschow was next placing 125th in 22:24 and Mari Samano was 161st  in 23:28.

Oxnard men earned a top ten ranking by their performance at the Mt SAC invite.  Isidore Herrera led the OC team again finishing in 18th place with a time of 22:25.  Just five seconds back, with a time of 22:30, he was Cesar Lopez in 22nd place.  Martin Cervantes (pictured)continues to impress and improve. He finished 32nd and clocked 22:44.   Chris Coleman ran a gutsy race placing 49th with a 23:07. A  new 5th  man this week, Brian Alvarado, finished 159th in a field of 340 men.  The OC Men finished 10th in the invitational amongst 37 other colleges.

Oxnard XC Finishes 3rd and 6th at WSC Preview

October 9 -- LA Pierce, WSC Preview 

The Western States Conference is always tough in cross country. No exception this year, our ladies squad ran in a very close competition. Glendale dominated the meet by placing 3 women in the top 4. Cynthia Navarro (left) led OC with another top performance placing 5th in 19:43. Liz Robles followed her in 14th clocking a 20:44, Jessica Serrano ran another solid performance placing 30th. Mari Samano improved and moved into the fourth women position placing 55th and Maria Jalada broke into the top five by placing 58th to round out the scoring team.

Team Scores: 1.Glendale 24 2.SBCC 110 3.Cuesta 114 4.Citrus 127 4.VC 127 6.Oxnard 139 7.Moorpark 147 8.COC 190 9.SMCC 210 10.Bakersfield 245 11.Hancock 284 No score West LA and LA Valley.

Our Men put together a solid performance finishing 3rd behind Glendale. Izzy Herrera ran outstanding placing 3rd in 21:47. Much improved Martin Cervantes followed Izzy and was our second man placing 16th in 22:33. Cesar Lopez was right behind him in 17th timing 22:41. Our fourth man was Chris Coleman who finished 19th in 22:44 keeping a tight pack. Nelson Rivera rounded out the top five placing 49th in 24:14.

Team Scores : 1.Glendale 33 2.VC 74 3.Oxnard 97 4.SBCC 120 5.West LA 139 6.Cuesta 140 7.LA Valley 161 8.Bakersfield 184 9.COC 236 10.AHC 260 11.SMCC 285 12.Citrus 333  No score Moorpark

 Oxnard XC Strong Again  

October 3-- Legg Lake, El Monte Ca

Entering into the Foothill invite in the past has usually been a low key competition. Not this year, however, with 15 teams entered and 3 of the top 5 teams in the state. Up for the task was Cynthia Navarro, who finished in 4th place clocking a sparkling 17:38. Tucked right behind her was Liz Robles who place 11th in 18:20, followed by Jessica Serrano in 31st dipping under 20 minutes for the first time, racing to a 19:44. Then Erica Tomaschow and Mari Samno closed out the scoring team, placing 58th and 59th recording PR’s in 21:34 & 21:39 respectively.

Team Scores : 1.Glendale 23 2.Mt SAC 72 3.SWC 79 4.VVC 159 5.Oxnard 161 6.Citrus 186 7.SDM 210 8.RHC 225 9.LBCC 235 10.SBV 237 11.COD 270 12.Palomar 272 13. WLA 344 14.SMC 360  Barstow N/S    OCXC Record 34 and 8

Our Men’s squad continues to improve placing 6th place this week and moving in to the top 10 ranking for the first time this year. Izzy(pic) Herrera led the Condors again placing 11th in 20:14, followed Caser(pic) Lopes 25th in 20:46. Martin Cervantes continues to amaze and improve placing 30th in 21:03. Chris Coleman rejoins OC and ran 21:51 to place 49th. Nelson Rivera looks to have hit his stride, finishing in 60th in 22:23 round out the top five men.

Team Scores : 1.SBV 29 2.Glendale 64 3.Mt SAC 111 4.SDM 154 5.SWC154 6.Oxnard 175 7.Palomar 191 8.VVC 192 9.WLA 246 10.SDCC 329 11.COD 337 12.SMC 366 13.SCC 378 14.Citrus 397  OCXC record 25 and 15

Strong Showing by Oxnard College XC

 Sept 19, Fairfield Park, Costa Mesa

 Our Lady Condors flew high again competing at the Orange Coast Classic. In a field of 25 community colleges, the Lady Condors finished 5th overall. Cynthia Navarro (left) led the team, finishing in 3rd place. She was followed by Liz Robles 13th and Jessica Sarrano in 32nd place.

Team Scores: 1.OCC 24 2.Mt SAC 76 3.LATT 127 4.Cerritos 135 5.Oxnard 184 6.VVC 193 7. Citrus 244 8. LBCC 265 9.Ventura 275 10.LA Valley284 11.Santa Ana 29 12.Palomar 304 13.Fullerton 314 14.El Camino 355 15.COD 377 16.Cuyamaca 486 17.West LA 501 18.SDCC 512

 In the men’s race, Issy Herrera led the team this week, and took 21st place. Following him was Cesar Lopez at 28th place, and much-improved Martin Cervantes was 40th. Although OC was hampered this week because the #2 man Chris Coleman was unable to compete, they managed an 11th place showing overall.

 Team Scores: 1.OCC 2.SBVC 84 3.Mt SAC 110 4.El Camino 128 5.Cerritos 193 6. Palomar 213 7.Cuyamaca 216 8.LATT 232 9.Clark 248 10.Ventura 269 11.Oxnard 280 12.VVC 346 13.LA Valley 363 14. West LA 369 15.LBCC 402 16.COD 476 17. SDCC 494 18.Barstow 509 19.Fullerton 540 20.Golden West 599 21.Citrus 604