Visual PEPR Reports & PSLO Mastery Levels

Tableau Visual PEPR Reports

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Open:  Visual PEPR - Program Effectiveness & Planning Report

Navigate with the five tabs across the upper left.

Visual PEPReport
This tab shows Program SLO data, Enrollment, Sections, FTES, Retention & Success, Graded Enrollments and Productivity.

PSLOs by Dept
All of the text for the selected Department's Program Slo's are displayed, with bars representing the five Mastery Levels.
Hover over the different colors to see Mastery Levels.

Mastery Levels PSLOs
Larger version of what appears on the first tab - Visual PEPReport.

Over the Years
Area chart showing trends of Mastery Levels. Click on any colored Legend squares to Keep Only or Exclude a specific
color of Mastery Level. Hit Revert in the lower left to return to a known state.

Assessed vs N/A
Bar chart showing the number of numerically (0-4) scored assessments vs. the "N/A" checkbox scored assessments.

Data scources used include eLumen, Oxnard Banner and other internal databases.