Why FYE?



Register Early (Priority Registration):

Avoid the registration rush and get your top choice of classes and professors.


Discover Opportunities Successful:

People often have large networks and connections to jobs and resources. FYE will help you build import-ant connections and discover valuable opportunities.


Build your OC community:

You are not alone! FYE is a destination for goal orientated students. Be part of a fun, motivated community.


Explore Top Transfer Destinations:

Looking to transfer? We’ll show you some of the best campuses in California: Stanford, UCLA, UCSB and other top destinations.


Sharpen your Focus:

We’ll give you lots of support to help you succeed: resume/interview/Netiquette/internship work-shops, peer mentors, academic advisors, health counselors and more.


Feel at Home:

The FYE/STEM Center (Condor Hall #333) is your home on campus. We have free tutoring, computers, charging stations, headphones, quiet space, and an overall great vibe.