OC FYE Mentor Samantha

Samantha Aguilera

 Major: Natural Science

Being a first-generation high school graduate and a first-generation college student wasn't easy. I felt very alone and helpless at times. While signing up for Oxnard College I was lost and didn't know what to do next. I can honestly say that I would not be here today if it wasn't for FYE. I signed up for the program not exactly knowing much about it. When my grades started to slip, I sought help from the tutors, they helped get my grades under control. As I attended helpful workshops and fulfilled my requirements I grew as a student. The tutors and counselors were always amazing. I became an FYE peer mentor because I've lived it and I know it's not easy. I know the struggles and hardships of the first year of college. Especially when you don't have anybody guiding you. I want to be there for students and help them just as much as this program helped me.

FYE Mentor Melissa

Melissa Bermudez 

Major: Biology

I entered Oxnard College with a lot of fears and worries on whether I would be successful enough to do well and transfer. Because of the FYE Program, I felt supported and confident that I would have a great transition into college. The mentors were always there to support me through mentor meet ups and workshops. The FYE counselor, Melissa Garcia, made my college experience a lot less difficult by helping me choose and organize my classes. Through the resources the staff provided, I was able to increase my knowledge about college as well as how to thrive in the environment.

FYE Mentor Emillie

Emillie Cuevas 

Major: Anthropology/Linguistics

I want to help other college students to make their college experience more enjoyable and take advantage of all the resources that the college has to offer them. I understand that being a first-generation student or even come from another country can be scary. Nevertheless, I consider that FYE can help you to build a successful future and accomplish your educational goals while you are in college while also allowing you to interact with others.

FYE Mentor Luis

Luis Equihua 

Major: Political Science

Deciding to attend Oxnard College was a great choice for me. I wasn't so sure about attending a four-year university directly. I didn't know if I could handle the pressure of college life. As the oldest sibling, I want to set a good example of a hard working student. Finally, I enjoy and love to learn about the lives of others, though I don't always make that clear. I am grateful for my life. I want to show my appreciation by taking advantage of life's opportunities. 

FYE Mentor Jenny

Jenny Ortega 

Major: Sociology

I chose to become a First Year Experience mentor because as a first year student attending college I know the fear along with many feelings held by walking into a classroom and the thought of already failing the semester. The opportunity of being able to work for FYE would give me the ability to let students know that I was once in their position and they aren’t alone. There are many people on campus to help them succeed in their journey of higher education. I am an Oxnard College student who personally experienced the emotional roller coaster ride of being a full-time student, sister, and daughter.

FYE Mentor Vanessa

Vanessa Solorio 

Major: Psychology

I decided to become an FYE Peer Mentor because I want to provide help for individuals who are currently going through what I did as a first-year student. I enjoy helping others and working with college freshmen will help me better prepare for what I want to do as a career. As someone who has gone through their first year, FYE gives me the opportunity to pass down my knowledge and experience to others. In addition, the FYE program and position as a mentor has given me the chance to build a community, meet new people and work toward helping first year college students.