Please read through and answer the following Rules of Use Conditions.

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Replacement Fee

You are responsible for ensuring the laptop is not damaged, lost or stolen while it is charged to you. The replacement fee for the laptop is $1000.

Stolen Laptop

If a laptop is stolen, Campus Police (805-678-5805) and the Oxnard College First Year Experience Center (805-678-5952) must be notified immediately.

Educational Tool

The laptop is an educational tool and should be used in that capacity only.

Authorized User

The student is the only authorized user of your assigned laptop.


I understand that I am responsible for the safe and timely return to the Oxnard College Library circulation desk of this borrowed laptop. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Rules of Use listed above. If damages or late fees are incurred, I understand that I am responsible for all charges as applicable and a HOLD will be placed on my account until this is resolved. I also understand that intentional vandalism will result in being charged up to the full replacement cost of the laptop.
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