To prepare for the rigors of the Oxnard College Dental Hygiene Program, high school courses in algebra, biology and chemistry are recommended.  Taking these courses in high school also prepares the applicant for the prerequisite college classes. (Please see program prerequisites for more information on prerequisite courses and admission requirements).  

In order for a student to be eligible for program entrance, they must be considered a qualified candidate--meaning the applicant meets or exceeds all program requirements.  Through review of the application, it is determined if an applicant is qualified.  Then all qualified applicant are included in a lottery selection process.  (It is highly recommended that applicants plan to complete general education requirements such as fine arts, humanities, and physical education prior to program entry in order to be eligible for an Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene degree upon completion of the program). Because admission to the program requires a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, all students who have completed courses outside the U.S. will need to have a foreign record evaluation (contact the counseling office for approved foreign records evaluation agencies).

Applicants should meet with the Oxnard College Dental Hygiene Program academic counselor (805-986-5816) in order to avoid unfortunate surprises that may result in disqualification at the time of application. 

Additional requirements: 

  • A valid adult, child, and infant CPR card including two-person CPR; certification must be kept current throughout the two-year program
  • A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent; all prerequisites must be completed before students can apply to the program.