Carmen Guerrero, Career & Technical Education

Full-time Faculty

  • Ed Bassey, Accounting/Business, Law Professor

  • Robert Cabral, Accounting/Business, Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

  • Patricia Green

  • Stephanie House

Program Information

The Accounting Program provides an understanding of the accounting function and its application as a provider of information for the decision-making process. This program offers basic training in accounting and related fields for both students seeking employment and those already employed but needing skills improvement. Successful program completion should qualify individuals for beginning positions in accounting occupations in government and business organizations.

Students desiring an Associate in Science degree must complete the general education requirements in addition to the major requirements below. The Department strongly recommends that students confer with their counselors for additional requirements, changes, course transferability, and course articulation.

More Information

For additional information please call Robert Cabral, Professor of Business and Accounting at (805) 986-5800, ext 1981 or mail to: