Benefits and Validations…


  • The ASG has been able to enhance student life by promoting events around Black History month, Hispanic Heritage and Women’s history month.
  • The ASG has been able to implement a “Go Green” campaign and install hydration stations throughout campus as well as free water bottle give-a-ways.
  • The ASG is able to provide more outreach and promotion for Oxnard College and provide information about the benefits about attending Oxnard College for our EMP, Dental Hygiene and Fire Academy programs.  
  • The ASG will have the funds to sponsor events that will be of little to no cost to the students including college visits for potential transfer options.
  • The ASG is considering adopting a food voucher program to support the most marginalized students in desperate need of meal tickets for Condor Café.
  • The OC Clubs will have an account that is and can be reliable. The IOC will be able to provide starting funds for new Clubs and continue to support all semester and annual events.


Student Activity Fee Waiver: