Course SLO Forms Listed by Program or Degree

To download the SLO form for your course, scroll down and find the program to which your course best applies.  When you click on the program, you will download a form made specifically for that program with the Program SLOs selected by the faculty.  All completed forms should be submitted to the site for review. 

Please note:  Unless otherwise stated, these forms were created using Word 2007.  If your computer has not yet been updated with the 2007 version, you may have difficulty.  By the end of next week we will have forms compatible to the 1997-2003 formatting. 

Questions can be submitted to the LOT committee at

Course SLO forms listed by Degree/Program:

Addictive Disorders Studies 2009

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  2009

Anthropology 2009

Art 2009

Automotive Body Repair & Paint 2009

Automotive Technology 2009

Biology 2009

Business 2009

Child Development 2009

Computer Information Systems 2009

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management 2009

Dental Programs 2009

Economics 2009

Engineering Technology 2009

English 2009

Fire Technology 2009

General Studies 2009

History 2009

Legal Assisting 2009

Mathematics 2009

Philosophy 2009

Political Science 2009

Psychology 2009

Sociology 2009

Spanish 2009


Transitional Studies 2009  For a list of courses that are part of Transitional Studies, please click here

Courses that are not part of a degree path or program should click here for an SLO Appendix.

If the degree program you are working with does not yet have posted SLO forms, please use the following Generic forms to create SLOs for your courses.

Generic Form for SLO (Word 2007)

Generic Form for SLO (Word 1997-2003)