Student Clubs at Oxnard College

Get involved at Oxnard College

Oxnard College is proud to support our student-led clubs. In service to the general student body, the club representatives may be reached for more information or meeting schedules. If you do not find the club you want to be part of, you can START YOUR OWN CLUB by clicking here!


ASL Sign Language (ASL) Club

¨ ASL Club’s purpose is to create an accessible place for all ASL learners of all levels to practice, interact with deaf community and promote awareness about ASL

¨ President:  Sia Slade




Addictive Disorders  Studies

¨ ADS Leadership Club is  a social  group for students who are currently learning about substance-abuse addiction & it is  also for promoting awareness in the community.

¨ President: Timothy Jackson








Art Society Club

¨ The purpose of the Art Society is to inform the college community of what the arts have to offer. This group gives students a chance to have art related events and dialogue and to be a showcase for artistic expressions.

¨ President: Elisa Torres




Automotive Club

¨ Oxnard College Auto Club seeks to acquaint students with the automotive industry and where each student may be matched with their interest in the automotive field. Also, this club provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, internships and other opportunities as related to the field.

¨ President: Baudelio Castrellon







Chemistry club

¨ Chemistry club aims to assist our members in attaining their goals of academic success through experiments, field trips, study groups, and tutoring. Group makes chemistry accessible to the general public through outreach and fun social events such as dodge-ball tournaments, beach cleanups, movie nights, potlucks and magic shows. 

¨ President: Tatiana Velasquez







Condor Media Club

¨ The purpose of the Condor Media Club is to build student-members' skill confidence by providing the experience-opportunity by producing media packages and television shows of events that occur within Oxnard College and around the city of Oxnard.

¨ President: Robert Adame


Culinary Arts Club

¨ The Culinary arts club is a meeting place to pursue Various avenues of partnerships which in turn will also teach, mentor, and give purpose to our club members, and to provide non-profit assistance to the culinary arts program

¨ President: Josh Arce 










Dental Hygiene Club

¨ The purpose of the Dental hygiene club is to educate members and students of the general Oxnard College Community about the importance of oral health and to provide low cost dental care to our fellow students and community.

¨ President: Lindsay Wolny


ENGINEERING  Math Physics (EMP Club)

¨ EMP club’s purpose is to promote the understanding and increase the enjoyment of learning in all areas of engineering, math and physics. Also, to assist our members in attaining their goals of academic success 

¨ President: Jonathan O. Peraza





¨ The purpose of the LGBTQIA+ Club is to establish and maintain a community that promotes respect, safety and tolerance regardless of gender identity and/or sexual orientation. The club seeks to empower and nurture the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer/questioning and gender non-comforming community and/or their allies. 

¨ President: Jose Sanchez,

Monster Fitness Club

¨ Monster Fitness club’s purpose is to promote healthy eating and proper exercise for a balanced lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

¨ President: Oscar Moreno






Near East Multicultural Arts Association (N.E.M.A.)

¨ OC NEMA'S purpose is to promote the understanding and increase the enjoyment of learning all areas of near eastern dance, music, costuming, customs and cuisine.

¨ President: Tatiana Velasquez, -or-




OC Entrepreneur Consortium Club

¨ The purpose of the Entrepreneur Consortium is to provide the means to inspire new future business opportunities, and to orchestrate the networking relationships within its members and establish enterprises within Ventura County's Business elite.

¨ President: Peter Garcia,


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

¨ The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society's mission is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.

¨ President: Jillien Keim Malott, 


Polynesian Club

¨ OC Poly is a club sharing  Polynesian culture with all students of Oxnard college.

¨ President: Francis Paialii 




Psychology Club

¨ The purpose of the Psychology club is to promote, stimulate and encourage student interest in the study of psychology through information gathering and sharing.

¨ President: Ezequiel A. Sanchez 





Sociology Club

¨ Sociology club is a service organization that serves homeless shelters, food banks, one book one campus and has Cinco de mayo. Sociology  Club’s  motto is “Changing Our social World.”

¨ President: Maria Rodriguez



Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE Club)

¨ SHPE is designed for students interested in a STEM career who want to establish networks and further develop their skills.

¨ President: Rafael Hernandez



Street Law Club

¨ The Street Law Club works to empower, build and strengthen the OC Community by raising public awareness of legal issues related to social justice at local and global levels.

¨ President: Kimberly Villanueva









Veterans Club

¨ Veterans Club was established to provide a network of support to military veterans, their families and civilian supporters.

 -President:  Israel Lopez

 -Advisor: Leo Orange     805-678-7630


For more information on Clubs and Organizations contact: ASG Vice President at or take a look at the Club Registration Policy page.